Although KinkstersChat currently mask element of your internet protocol address and hostmask in order that other people cannot notice it or exercise in which you’re from, you may possibly need to get IP that is entire and masked.

Below you will find assistance! We have written up a couple of tips for you personally so you could enchance your satisfaction in talk. Our aim would be to provde the assist you to could wish, if you want and then we hope that might be things you need into the list below. To leap to your part you need to simply view click on the product!

Linking together with your IRC customer

You need to use the connection that is following to incorporate KinkstersChat to your IRC customer:

Port: 6667-6670 (use 6697 for SSL)

Password: (leave blank)

Getting #Help whenever linked

Then please join the channel #Help (type /join #Help) and someone there will be able to assist you if you need help using chat, or if you’re having another problem that you feel you need help with.

If you’re struggling to get a response to your concern in assistance, for almost any explanation, you are able to ask the host to inform you what IRCops are available by typing:

With this list, you’ll start an email screen to an IRCop that is online typing:

Then typing your concern within the screen that opens.

Registering your nick

To join up your nickname:

First ensure you are utilizing the nickname you wish to register, if you don’t, alter to the nickname you need to register by typing /nick nicktoregister (replace nicktoregister utilizing the nickname you intend to register), then type:

/msg NickServ ENROLL “password”

Change “password” to a password of your that is hard for folks to guess. Utilizing “password” as your password just isn’t a beneficial idea 😉

If you’d like to register your nickname via our webchat:

Click “Menu” into the bottom left-hand corner associated with the webchat

Click “Enroll Nickname”

Fill in the necessary information (including e-mail)

Take note, that although your current email address is needed to register your nickname through the webchat, it really is concealed by standard, KinkstersChat will not put it to use for just about any purpose therefore we will perhaps not offer or offer your email to anybody (if you are still uneasy about utilizing your current email address, utilize a fake one :P)

Grouping nicks that are multiple

Often, you may wish to register one or more nickname. In this full situation you can easily cluster all your valuable nicknames under your primary nickname. That way you should have the password that is same your entire nicknames and memo’s provided for one of the nicknames could be read by all of your nicknames.

To cluster a nickname that is new your primary nickname, do the annotated following:

Switch to the new nickname

Type /msg NickServ GROUP mainnicktogroupto mainnickpassword

For instance, if your nickname that is main is aided by the password mypass and also you desired to register an away nick Roomie-away, you’ll do the annotated following:

Type /nick Roomie-away

Type /msg NickServ GROUP Roomie mypass

Now, all memos deliver to Roomie-away will nevertheless be accessible to Roomie, whenever changing from Roomie to Roomie-away or Roomie-away to Roomie, you simply will not be expected for a password each and every time.

Virtual and Vanity hosts

this can be to improve your very own privacy or perhaps in order to have one thing looking that is cool. To request a vHost:

Type /msg HostServ REQUEST

When a KinkstersChat host setter has verified that the required hostmask just isn’t abusive, they will trigger your hostmask and you will certainly be notified whenever your hostmask is able to make use of.

To turn in your vHost such that it relates to all of the nicknames in your team:

Make sure your nickname is equivalent to the main one you utilized to request the vHost

Type /msg HostServ ON

Type /msg HostServ GROUP

Stopping messages that are private

You can type the following if you want to ignore ALL Private Messages from EVERYONE:

/mode yournickname +D