What Does Gay Mean? Tips For Straight People Who Want to Be Gay

Most of us have at least one question on our minds: what does gay mean? It’s a very common question, especially online where the most popular question is “why is my girlfriend so attracted to me but I’m not sure she’s actually gay?” The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of different answers to this question depending on how comfortable you are with who you are.

what does gay mean

Some people say that being gay is a personality defect, like being into basketball or football. I don’t think that being into sports necessarily disqualifies someone as being gay, in fact some men are just naturally gay. There’s nothing about a certain breed of dog that determines their aptitude for hunting, for example. And I think that’s the key to understanding why some people think that the answer to the question “what does gay mean?” can be answered by simply understanding that some people are attracted to members of the same sex.

Gay men and women do have an attraction to each other. It isn’t necessarily physical, although it can be. It’s more of an emotional bond. If a woman likes a man, they know that they can trust that guy with anything, and that’s probably why the attraction develops so quickly between them. If a man likes a man, he knows that the woman will protect him, and if she’s with a woman he knows that he’ll be able to lean on her for support and advice.

If a guy wants to try to understand what does gay mean, he should really consider how his feelings for women to work. Obviously, most women aren’t gay, but gay men do sometimes feel like they are attracted to women, even when they’re married. Some women, on the other hand, seem to see straight men as their sexual fantasy. So that brings us to another important point.

Women love guys that treat them with respect. The great thing about straight men is that they treat women decently. That’s what turns them on in the beginning, anyway, and makes them feel like they can relax and take things easy. You have to remember that men are programmed to want to control the situation if they haven’t got their way, so they’ll put up a fight when it comes to a relationship. Gay men, on the other hand, just want to have fun.

So what does gay mean? It’s when you get a feeling like you want to fiddle around with other guys and aren’t sure if you want to settle down with one particular person right now, or if you want to explore your sexuality fully. If you haven’t figured out what your own desires are, then you need to figure that out before you talk to anyone else. A lot of men have to figure these things out on their own, and they can’t rely on someone else to tell them how they should feel about themselves.